Uncharted 4 Reveals New 'Plunder' Game Mode

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If you’re going to Boston’s PAX East this weekend, Uncharted 4 has some exciting news for you: you’ll be able to play the game’s new “Plunder” mode, which Playstation revealed today in a trailer for the game.

“Plunder” is essentially a capture the flag game with a twist—you’re allowed to throw the “idol” (the flag) to your teammates. Also, you get to make it rain when you win, because of course Nathan Drake is carrying around untold amounts of cash whilst shooting people and running with a heavy idol. Uncharted 4 is hip like that.

You can watch the game’s story trailer here, and here you can read our preview from last summer. Uncharted 4 hits shelves May 10 and is currently available for preorder. Check out the “Plunder” mode trailer below.

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