Watch Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Take the Fight to Space

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What’s left to do when your game franchise has handled every automatic weapons-based war in Earth’s history? Leave Earth and continue fighting, of course.

The trailer for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare—revealed today along with the game’s fall release date—looks immersive, that’s for sure. And the graphics, particularly in the zero-gravity areas of the game, are pretty stunning. But we can’t help but feel like this is just an R-rated (or M-rated, as it were) version of the Star Wars games.

We have no doubt that Infinite Warfare will be cool, but it would have been more interesting (and a bigger risk) to see Call of Duty, instead of going forward in time, reach into the past for some long-forgotten era of warfare. Call of Duty: The Wrath of (Genghis) Khan, for example, would be sweet, especially with the archery prowess of the Mongol warriors. Or Call of Duty: Bushido Code, set in 19th-century Japan and featuring samurai battling against modernization. Or even Call of Duty: 30 Years War, because “infinite” sounds like too long to be fighting, and the actual 30 Years War, which consumed Europe in the early 1600s, was one of the most destructive wars of all time.

... But we digress. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare blasts off on Nov. 4. Watch the reveal trailer above.