Watch This Wheel of Fortune Hero-Genius Guess Entire Phrases, Destroy the Game

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If you’re among those who believe that Wheel of Fortune needed its own Ken Jennings—why you would spend so much time thinking about such an issue, I have no idea—then you are a very happy camper today. Robert, the contestant featured in the video above, absolutely tore through the game last night, guessing entire phrases and lyrics from thin air. Give this guy a letter, and a vast white expanse, and the Dude. Will. Solve.

The best part is how he slowly reduces Pat Sajack’s will to live as the game goes on. I’m not sure why, but his skill is almost like a personal affront to the host, and I very much enjoy that dynamic. Watch his incredible run, and be glad that Robert is getting a good deal of Internet fame today, everywhere from Reddit to CNN. Keep him in the zeitgeist, America!