Where to Watch the Super Mario Bros. Movie Trailer

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Where to Watch the <i>Super Mario Bros.</i> Movie Trailer

The world gets its first glimpse at the upcoming Super Mario Bros. animated film today, as the first trailer is scheduled to be released as part of a Nintendo Direct at 4:05 p.m. ET. Today’s Direct is devoted entirely to the movie from Illumination, the same animation studio that gave us Despicable Me, the Minions, the Secret Life of Pets movies, and the Sing franchise. Will Illumination be able to capture the whimsy and charm of Mario and the Mushroom Kingdom? Will Chris Pratt, Anya Taylor-Joy, and Charlie Day try to make their roles of Mario, Peach, and Luigi their own, or try to mimic the voices we’re familiar with from the games? How good will Jack Black be as Bowser—or will he be too over-the-top?

Honestly, the Pratt question is pretty much the main thing on everyone’s minds right now. He’s already alienated a lot of the potential audience for a variety of reasons, and his normal voice is about as similar to Mario’s as Gilbert Gottfried’s was. (RIP, G-man.) The fact that Illumination and Nintendo cast a big star instead of a pro voice actor (or just went with Mario’s longtime voice in the games, Charles Martinet) makes you wonder what else they’ll change about Mario’s world. The live action Super Mario movie from 1993 obviously played very fast and loose with the games and their characters, but it at least went with a legitimately great actor in the main role; say what you will about Super Mario Bros., but nobody can besmirch Bob Hoskins as the plumber himself.

We’ll probably have at least a bit of a hint towards all of those questions after today’s trailer, and no matter how much actual content is in the thing, we’re guaranteed to see an absurdly huge amount of tweets, reaction trailers, and (uh) blogposts about the trailer as soon as it’s released. It’s a long way ‘til April 7, when the movie finally releases in theaters.

If you want to watch it yourself in real time, you can catch it at Nintendo’s YouTube page, or just watch it right here at Paste. The video embed below will go live right when the Nintendo Direct starts at 4:05 p.m. ET. And below the embed you can find a poster released earlier this week—the first major look at what the movie’s art style will look like.