Ten Ridiculous(ly Awesome) Wii Accessories

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6. Wii Sniper Rifle from CTA Digital


Forget being fit, I bought a videogame console because I want to shoot things without actually shooting things. CTA understands this. And instead of giving us the usual pistol-shaped peripherals, we get a hardcore awesome SNIPER RIFLE (which “possesses a very life-like mold, yet its white plastic color prevents it from being mistaken for an actual rifle.”) Too bad the scope is for cosmetic appeal alone and can’t actually help you pick off those zombies in Resident Evil 4. (For the pre-gunpowder inclined, CTA also has a crossbow. No, really.)

7. Wii Fishing Rod from Hyperkin


This is something my dad would buy into, since the only video games he ever played were those Bass Master games. Why go outside and fish in the sunshine and great weather when you can do it from the comfort of your couch with a bowl of chili on the stove? Complete with a realistic(ish) reel, all you have to do is put your Wii remote in the middle and let it “assist” you in performing the fishing motions.

8. Wii Combat Pack from Hyperkin


The Wii Combat Pack is a foam sword and shield—the sword for the Wii remote and the shield for your empty hand—that are supposed to make you feel like a hero. Apparently, they just block the Wii remote’s signal and eventually get you killed by hobgoblins in Zelda.

9. Wii Cooking Kit from CTA Digital


Take a break from killing things and beefing up to pretend to make some pretend food with pretend utensils attached to your Wii remote. And then go grab some Taco Bell because it’s open until like 4 a.m.

10. Wii Rowing (out soon) from CTA Digital


In addition to the typical WiiFit fare of weights and simulation sports equipment, CTA is releasing a rowing accessory that imitates machines found in gyms. The rowing machine even has adjustable tension so that you can work out as much or as little as you want.