No More Nazis: Watch the Gameplay Trailer for Wolfenstein: The New Colossus

Games Video Wolfenstein
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“You wanna strike fear in the Nazis?”

Those are the words said in the beginning of Bethesda Softworks’ new gameplay trailer for Wolfenstein: The New Colossus, and they’re a very good indication of what’s to come in the trailer. And if the fun music, memorable characters, fast-paced FPS gameplay and sex jokes don’t sell you on the new game, maybe its avowed anti-Nazi stance will.

See, Bethesda’s marketing campaign is seizing on the current political climate (that is, that there are too many Nazis in America and we should get rid of them) to sell their videogame (which is set in an alternate, dystopian reality where there are too many Nazis in America and we should get rid of them).

So the gameplay trailer you see above features its protagonist, good ol’ B.J. Blazkowicz, doing what he does best: killing a lot—a lot—of Nazis. And it is fun to watch. And for those of you still on the fence about taking direct action to stem the rise of Nazism, well, the Beejer said it best: “You should join us. We could always use more good people.”

Wolfenstein: The New Colossus comes out Oct. 27. Watch the new gameplay trailer above, and revisit the game’s announce trailer here.