Christopher Lloyd is Back, In the Near Future: Watch the Teaser for New Doc Brown Short

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If you’ve been out hoverboarding for the past year (just kidding, we didn’t get those; thanks, Obama), then maybe you haven’t heard, but we’re currently living through the (hoverboard-less) year Marty McFly and Doc Brown went to in Back to the Future Part II. It’s the 30th Anniversary of the first film and, accordingly, Universal Studios is reissuing the trilogy, out Oct. 21, 2015—the exact date the DeLorean was set to travel to at the end of the first film. The Blu-ray will include a brand new short film called Doc Brown Saves the World featuring Christopher Lloyd in a reprise of his famous role. The teaser above was released this morning, and while it’s scarce on plot details, it does feature Doc and his time machine, so nostalgia abounds.