Extended Walking Dead Season 6 Trailer Promises Gory Mayhem

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The first trailer for The Walking Dead Season 6 has dropped at Comic-Con, and boy, is it a doozy. Rick and the rest of the Grimes Gang have been invited into the supposed safe haven of Alexandria, but as the Season 5 finale proved, the walls are anything but foolproof. What follows in the extended, 4-minute Comic-Con trailer is a taste of the upcoming power struggle between Rick, Alexandria’s former residents and a returning Morgan, who seemingly will be inserting himself right in the middle.

In fact, watching this trailer almost seems like a rather concise summary of the entire season, as we can clearly see that the walls will be breached by a veritable flood of walkers, among other dangers. Norman Reedus’ fan favorite Daryl Dixon also seems to be in peril, tied to a tree by an as yet unknown new human villain. As ever, there will surely be no shortage of ways to die in this universe.

The sixth season of The Walking Dead will premiere Sunday, Oct. 11 with an extended, 90-minute episode. Look for our regular review series by Josh Jackson and Shane Ryan when the show resumes.