How to Be Healthy in Las Vegas

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How to Be Healthy in Las Vegas

If Las Vegas strikes you as a town full of debauchery—you’re right. It doesn’t take a black jack wiz to figure out what makes the Nevada town tick. There is no question the “city of sin” is a madhouse of drinking, gambling, indulgent eating and hangovers—it’s in the top 10 for most hungover cities in America, according to Business Insider’s analysis.

But the craziest find about this over-the-top party town? You can actually be healthy there. Read: juicing, working out, clean meals and wellness spas. Shocking, we know.

While casinos, flashy fashion and late nights are the norm, here are seven ways to relieve your liver and feel good in Las Vegas.

Hilary Sheinbaum is a travel, health, food and lifestyle writer.


"Running" around the strip usually involves club hopping and getting into trouble. Alternatively, The Westin Las Vegas Hotel and Casino's RunWESTIN program literally involves jogging and sprinting—and does not include expensive cocktails or a hangover. Guests can join groups with a Run Concierge. They lead scenic three or five-mile runs on Tuesdays and Thursdays. If those enjoying their stay prefer to run solo, they can grab a New Balance-certified RunWESTIN map, lace up and head out on their own. Gear and clothing are also on loan for $5.


At Sushi Roku, gluten-free diners can rejoice over a specific GF-friendly menu. For both the bread-lovers and those with restrictive diets, the seafood and sushi-heavy menus offer low-calorie options. Protein-rich meals with traditional Japanese ingredients (such as miso and edamame) are easy to come by, and many of the fish options boast healthy fats and omega-3s. Salmon Sashimi Carpaccio, Yellowtail Diced Chilies, Hokkaido Scallop Sashimi with yuzu jelly and kiwi; as well as traditional sushi, sashimi and robata skewers are all for the taking.


Everyone takes advantage of the warm weather in Vegas. But that usually means laying by the pool, drink in hand. If you want to be a little more active—sure you can swim laps, but the drinkers might gawk at you and you might hit a massive inflatable—we suggest heading to the Westin Lake Las Vegas Resort and Spa. Here, you don't have to pick one specific way to exercise outdoors (incase you suffer from workout FOMO); SUP (stand up paddle boarding), kayaking and water biking are a few options. Of course, if visitors want to avoid the sunrays (read: avoid burning and looking like a tomato at tonight's fancy dinner), yoga at the property's WestinWORKOUT fitness studio is an indoor alternative. With dining options focused on wellness, such as squeezed juice and made-to-order omelets at Rick's Café, the healthy selections at the resort are abundant.

Vegan Dining

Veggie burgers and tofu, step aside. Vegan and vegetarian fare is taken to the next level at Wynn Las Vegas. Not only are the property's restaurants plant based, each eatery offers a vegan and vegetarian option for dairy-free, animal byproduct-free and meat-free diners. The Wynn's chefs partnered with vegan chef Tal Ronnen to create healthy cuisines without cutting out flavor or quality. Chef Ronnen has catered meals for stars like Jay-Z, Beyoncé and Mick Jagger, in addition to former President Bill Clinton. If it's good enough for the former leader of the free world, AND Beyoncé—feed us ASAP.
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All of the Hard Rock RELIQUARY SPA's treatments feature access to the sauna, whirlpool and coed pool. But don't be distracted by the amenities. The long list of treatments includes facials, waxing and body therapies, among a plethora of massages. The Drum Sticks massage rebalances the body's energy flow, using bamboo reeds for drumming, tapping and rolling, while simultaneously working deep within the muscles and trigger points. For moms-to-be, the Rock-A-Bye Baby is best for tired feet and an aching back. If you're looking for something more mainstream, the Rock Star massage is the spa's take on a Swedish massage. No matter how you spend your day in Vegas, a back rub is a refreshing way to cap it off.
Photo courtesy of Hard Rock Hotel

Foot Spa

After spending late nights dancing—many of us in high, high heels—your feet are going to need some R&R. The Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas offers, among other services, a 45-minute Chinese Foot Spa. Yes, you read that correctly: a treatment fully dedicated to lower legs and feet. While taking in views of Las Vegas, guests comfortably recline in private loungers. Even if you aren't the one strutting your stuff on the strip in six-inch stilettos (bless their souls), the treatment is suited for anyone looking for relief and recovery.


If we had $1 for every person who said, "I'm starting a juice cleanse after Vegas," we'd easily be multimillionaires. Stop talking and start drinking, before leaving. Pressed Juicery offers cold-pressed options that come from farm fresh produce. Available as solo juices or as 1-5 day cleanses, Press Juicery's concoctions feature a ton of flavor options—even coffee and activated charcoal lemonade. Whatever it takes. We just want to feel like our bodies aren't falling apart after a crazy weekend.