CVS Is Selling A Generic Epinephrine Injector for a Low Price

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CVS Is Selling A Generic Epinephrine Injector for a Low Price

After months of public criticism over the price hike of EpiPens, CVS will now stock a generic brand called Adrenaclick, another type of epinephrine auto-injector, for around one-sixth of the price.

For the generic version of Adrenaclick, CVS will charge $109.99 for a two-pack compared to Mylan’s $600 EpiPen. However, it should be noted that EpiPens and Adrenaclick are not therapeutic equivalents, as different epinephrine injectors use different systems to deliver the allergic reaction-combatting medicine to those in need.

While the systems are inherently different and thus not blindly interchangeable, according to Adrenaclick’s website, the two devices do contain the same substance, as all of the auto-injector pens use the medication Epinephrine Intramuscular to treat serious allergic reactions to foods, insect stings and bites and other substances.

CVS says that it cut the price of the generic version of Adrenaclick in half in order to meet the urgent needs of those with severe allergic reactions. The new price is the same for both insured patients and those without coverage. Those with potentially deadly allergies must keep some kind of auto-injector pen with them at all times. The medication expires after 6 months even if not used, building up even more costs for those with allergies.

The pharmaceutical giant Mylan became the center of controversy because of the price of its EpiPen, which has increased by more than 500 percent since 2007. In response, Mylan has come out with a generic EpiPen, which costs $300 for a two-pack.

More information about CVS’s EpiPen alternative can be found on the company’s website.

Jane Snyder is a health intern with Paste and a freelance writer and photojournalist based out of Athens, Georgia.