Want to Have More Sex? Try Sleeping More

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Want to Have More Sex? Try Sleeping More

Not sleeping enough? Try having more sex. Not in the mood to get it on? You may need more sleep.

Two separate, recent studies have revealed the interdependent relationship between sex and sleep. The first study revealed that college students who slept more had increased greater rates of sexual activity the next day.

The second study was conducted among women 50 and older, with participants who slept more than seven hours having more sex than those who slept less than seven hours per night.

How do the two help each other? First of all, hormones are released after sex, as chemicals such as oxytocin and prolactin make you feel comfortable and sleepy while also decreasing cortisol, your stress hormone. It is easier to fall asleep in this relaxed state.

One of the biggest mood killers, though, is asking your partner for sex and being told “I’m too tired.” According to a 2010 poll from the National Sleep Foundation, up to one in four Americans report feeling too tired for sex. More sleep makes you feel energized and confident, which can go along way when it comes to sexual attraction.

Photo: Olichel, CC-BY

Savannah McCoy is a freelance journalist based in Athens, Georgia. She is an avid sports fan and Game of Thrones junkie. Valar Morghulis.