7 Accessories to Make Your Winter Workout Bearable

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7 Accessories to Make Your Winter Workout Bearable

Sure, a few feet of snow might alter your exercise routine, but harsh weather shouldn’t stop you from working out in the winter months altogether. Instead of dreaming up alibis, there are products and apparel suited for epically uncomfortable temperatures that make the seasonal transition tolerable. These gadgets and goodies are so awesome South Floridians are going to have frosty fitness FOMO. Read on for the best accessories needed to stay active until spring.

Hilary Sheinbaum is a travel, health, food and lifestyle writer.

Bubi Bottle Water Bottle

Bubi Bottle isn't another BPA-free, mold resistant, lightweight, yada yada yada [insert all that good stuff here] water bottle. It's all those things, and more. Here's how: it keeps your beverage cold or hot–meaning you can sip yourself to warmth after trudging through the snow. It also doubles as a waterproofing apparatus and a hot/cold compress or icepack, and folds up for on-the-go activities. Bonus points for the overachieving water bottle: it's dishwasher safe. C'mon, you've expelled so much energy out there–who wants to do dishes after all that exercise? From $16.99.
Photo courtesy of Bubi Bottle

LG TONE Active + Wireless Stereo Headset

LG's TONE Active + Wireless Stereo Headset allows fit music fans to listen to tunes through earphones, or rock out using external speakers for a personal surround sound experience. The accessory rests snugly around the neck meaning there are no power sprinting snags (cue the pumping arms). This also means headphone wires are not getting caught on your poles while skiing down a mountain. It discretely fits under scarfs and layered clothing, or it can be worn above turtlenecks. The accessory is water resistant; so a few snowflakes here and there won't hurt. $180.
Photo courtesy of LG

Rei Active Stretch Touchscreen Gloves

If you're removing gloves to take a call, pause music or switch a playlist–stop. Just stop. UR Powered's Rei Active Stretch Touchscreen Gloves enable freezing cold fitness fans to use touch screens with full hand and five-finger control. These stretchy-fabric winter gloves not only supply warmth but uninterrupted workouts. And they come in four colors, so you can match your gear. $38.
Photo courtesy of U|R

Sweaty Betty Merino British Knit Run Base Layer

Quick drying and sweat wicking, Sweaty Betty's Merino British Knit Run Base Layer is made of polyamide. The soft and stretchy long-sleeved top regulates body temperature, making it a no-brainer for exercising outdoors in ungodly, cold temperatures. Designed to be worn as a base layer, the blue lagoon color is flattering and the elastane property creates a sculpting and supportive stretch, should you decide to take off any outer layers. $150.
Photo courtesy of Sweaty Betty

Liquido Emana Toughen Up Legging

With a thick fabric, Liquido's Emana Toughen Up Legging keeps you warm using a special technology. The unique formula also combines polyamide properties with bioactive crystals, which activates the blood's micro-circulation. Frequent wears assist in improving skin tone and firmness while reducing the signs of cellulite (triple whammy). These leggings aren't just keeping heat in–they simultaneously wick moisture away from the body during intense exercise. Heat in, dampness out. If only the rest of our winter wardrobe worked that way. $71.
Photo courtesy of Liquido Emana

Nike Dri-FIT Shield Flash Racer Jacket

The Dri-FIT Shield Flash Racer Jacket by Nike is lightweight and helps runners (or bootcampers, walkers, cyclists–pick your poison) stay dry and comfortable. Even though the sun goes down earlier in the winter months, outdoorsy exercisers in this jacket can be seen during low-lit afternoons and evenings. For early risers, a hood with a brim works well to block out sun. The 100 percent polyester jacket is available at SIX:02 stores and online. $125.
Photo courtesy of SIX:02

Adidas Originals Phoenix Beanie

Standing out in the cold with a bare head, it's hard to imagine anything that could be worse. We know: running in low temperatures, with the wind in your hair. SIX:02 sells the Adidas Originals Phoenix Beanie to keep scalps snug and heated on freakishly frigid days and nights. It's woven, 100 percent acrylic fabric and available in three colors. No judgment if you need to wear all three, at once. $26.
Photo courtesy of SIX:02