Trump Hated the Fact that Fox News Hosted Bernie Sanders

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Trump Hated the Fact that Fox News Hosted Bernie Sanders

In the beautiful brain of our sundowning President, everything that doesn’t go as expected is rigged by the Democrats. Bernie Sanders’ triumphant town hall on Fox News was, of course, no different.

In a tweet this morning, Trump seemed to suggest that his favorite network may be slipping into the hands of the Democratic deep state, with a planted “audience” of non-authentic Fox watchers.

In all fairness, the crowd did not act in a typical Fox fashion. When host Bret Baier attempted to show Bernie that people did not want to transition from their private health insurance agency to a government-run system, like Medicare for All, it severely backfired: the Fox News audience went nuts in support of single-payer.

So was Bernie’s town hall the scene of a rare DNC infiltration into the far-right network? Or is the wild popularity of Crazy Bernie’s policies simply sending Trump into a frenzy, as he tries to find something he can throw at him?

Well, the first question at the town hall was posed by a Pennsylvania student named Joe Basrawi. Did the Rupert Murdoch-owned network plant him in the audience to lob a softball for Bernie?

Turns out: no. Basrawi is actually a campus coordinator with Charlie Kirk’s student conservatives group Turning Point USA. This went undisclosed by the network even though Basrawi was preselected to ask his question about Bernie’s personal wealth from his bestselling book residuals.

The likely reason why the Fox News crowd was actually so supportive of Bernie is that people are actually supportive of Medicare For All. A recent KFF poll showed that 56% of Americans are in favor of the single-payer system.

Bernie’s campaign manager Faiz Shakir packaged the Occam’s Razored reasoning in an easy question for the president:

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