Michael Moore Rips Up a Copy of Washington Post at Women's March

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Michael Moore Rips Up a Copy of <i>Washington Post</i> at Women's March

In case you were wondering whether Michael Moore can rip up a weekend edition of the Washington Post with his bare hands, he can.

Saturday, at the Women’s March on Washington protest, the Academy Award-winning documentarian held up a copy of the day’s Washington Post, which read, “Trump Takes Power.”

“I don’t think so!” Moore emphatically said. “We are here to vow to end the Trump carnage!”

The Where to Invade Next director also tore Betsy DeVos’ nomination proceedings apart, saying, “We do not accept Betsy DeVos as our Secretary of Education!”

And then, to really stick the landing, Moore pointed out that Democrats have twice won the popular vote but lost the election in 16 years. “Twice now, we won the White House, yet they walked through the door!” Moore said. So if you were also wondering whether Moore and George W. Bush are cool now, they’re not.

Watch part of Moore’s speech below.