Watch the Frightening Super Bowl Spot for A Cure for Wellness

Movies Video A Cure for Wellness
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Every year, the Super Bowl is remembered more for the commercials and movie trailers than any actual football points or whatever. Amidst the frenzied trailers for this summer’s blockbusters and the exciting return of a Netflix favorite, one commercial stood out amongst the others. It begins with a simple question: “Are you tired of not feeling well?” And then everything goes downhill. Quickly.

Gore Verbinski’s new film, A Cure for Wellness, has had a fascinating marketing campaign, and this is quite an addition. Starting with very few details in the story, we’ve recently had some trailers that flesh things out a little more. This particular trailer, however, starts differently, boasting a medicine with a litany of side effects including weight loss, drowsiness, skin eruptions and murderous rage. It then descends into the madness of A Cure for Wellness, which is pure nightmare fuel.

A Cure for Wellness creeps into theaters on Feb. 17. Check out the Super Bowl spot above, and check out the previous trailers here, here and here.