Watch Johnny Knoxville's Outrageous Action Point Trailer

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Watch Johnny Knoxville's Outrageous <i>Action Point</i> Trailer

Jackass stuntman Johnny Knoxville tries to save an ill-managed theme park in the first trailer to his forthcoming movie Action Point. The veteran daredevil is coming back to star in his first major film since 2013’s Bad Grandpa. His upcoming movie is based off a real-life amusement park in northern New Jersey called Action Park, which made a reputation for itself as a lawless and highly dangerous water park that was associated with a total of six known fatalities throughout it’s 18-year run, through the 1980s.

Action Point tells the story of D.C. (Knoxville), an ill-equipped owner of an out-of-control amusement park “where the rides are designed with minimum safety for maximum fun.” As D.C.’s estranged daughter comes to visit for the summer, a newer, more updated, park moves in to jeopardize the future of Action Point. D.C. must now do what it takes to save his beloved park with the help of wacky characters and outlandish stunts.

Joining Knoxville in the movie is former Jackass co-member, Chris Pontius, who can be seen in the trailer being a careless life saver and having an unfortunate meet-n-greet with a hungry squirrel.

Silicon Valley writer/producer combo John Altschuler and Dave Krinsky wrote the screenplay for the Tim Kirkby-directed movie, produced in part by Knoxville, Bill Gerber and Derek Freda.

Action Point hits theaters on June 1 via Paramount Pictures and the charmingly named Dickhouse Productions. Watch the trailer for Action Point below.