Watch Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn Get Kidnapped in First Red-Band Trailer for Snatched

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Amy Schumer has become a divisive figure lately, for both her comedy and her politics, and based on the first red-band trailer for Snatched, the movie isn’t about to change the lovers’ or the haters’ opinions of her.

Schumer plays a woman who gets dumped by her boyfriend, played by the dependably terrific Randall Park, and takes a trip to South America with her mother, played by Goldie Hawn in her first movie since 2002. There the two get snatched, naturally, and then fight back against their captors.

You can already map out the plot beats just from watching the trailer, so the movie will live or die on its jokes, and it definitely has the behind-the-camera talent to back it up. The movie is written by Katie Dippold of The Heat and Ghostbusters, and directed by Jonathan Levine, the director of the underrated 50/50.

Snatched comes out on May 12, 2017. Watch the trailer above.