Phil Lord and Chris Miller Will Adapt Artemis, By The Martian Author Andy Weir

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Phil Lord and Chris Miller Will Adapt <i>Artemis</i>, By <i>The Martian</i> Author Andy Weir

Fox is moving forward on its film adaptation of Andy Weir’s forthcoming novel Artemis, adding Phil Lord and Chris Miller as directors. Lord and Miller recently made headlines for getting fired from the Han Solo origin story over at Disney, and fans have been clamoring for their next project. Fox hiring them shows they’re committed to this adaptation. Deadline reports that Lord and Miller will also be involved in the writing process.

Fox was also behind the adaptation of Weir’s previous novel, The Martian, which was a critical and commercial smash, taking in over $600 million and dozens of award nominations. Weir looks to continue what he started with The Martian, and deliver intelligent, thrilling adventure based on hard science. So, with that in mind …

The novel follows a woman named Jazz Bashara, who does crimes on the moon. Already, it sounds like a Lord and Miller joint. Lord and Miller are known for their zany, three-new-jokes-every-second style of comedy, which critics and audiences have loved in 21 Jump Street, The LEGO Movie and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. So this pairing of hard science fiction with their incredible energy already seems like a match written in the stars.

Artemis (the novel) is due out on Nov. 14, while Artemis (the film) will come out after that. You can read our review of The Martian here, and our review of The LEGO Movie here.