Watch Aubrey Plaza in the Trailer for About Alex

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“It’s like one of those ‘80s movies,” Aubrey Plaza says in the trailer for About Alex, which follows a group of reunited friends in who head to a cabin in the woods to help a suicidal friend. The group gives its best effort to keep it light, but the heart of the film explores their complicated friendships and suppressed feelings. The whole thing sounds like the start of a cliché horror film (like the recent Evil Dead remake), yet it’s quite the opposite.

Described as an honest appraisal of adult friendship for our social media-fueled generation, About Alex is a lighthearted look at the struggles of a generation that has it all.

About Alex stars Aubrey Plaza, Max Greenfield, Nate Parker, Max Minghella, Jason Ritter, Maggie Grace and Jane Levy.

The film opens in theater on Aug. 8, 2014. Watch the trailer above.

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