Mike Myers Says Austin Powers 4 Is Coming Soon

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Mike Myers Says <i>Austin Powers 4</i> Is Coming Soon

It’s been more than 16 years since audiences last saw Mike Myers step into the shoes (and unfortunate teeth) of famed International Man of Mystery, Austin Powers. That film was 2002’s Austin Powers in Goldmember, the third entry in the spy comedy series, and it came before a period in which Myers stepped back from appearing in as many films. After a long hiatus, though, Myers has broken his silence—and he says Austin Powers is coming back in a big way, and sooner than you think.

When asked by Access Online about the possibility of an impending fourth film, Myers said the following:

“You’re going to see Dr Evil soon, somewhere in the culture. The [fourth Austin Powers] movie… it’s looking good. They take a long time to write, they always have.”

Myers acknowledged that his family has been his primary focus in recent years, but now that his children are getting older, he probably has more time for acting roles. And indeed, Myers has already had a few higher-profile appearances in 2018, first in Terminal and now in the new Bohemian Rhapsody, playing EMI record executive Ray Foster.

“You know, I’ve been very… I’ve had three kids in the last six years and that’s sort of where my focus has been,” Myers said.

Unfortunately, due to the passing of actor Verne Troyer in April, any Austin Powers 4 will be bereft of one of its most recognizable characters, which was of course Dr. Evil’s sidekick Mini Me. One would hope, however, that other recurring faces would return, such as Seth Green as Scott Evil, or Robert Wagner as “No. 2.”

Now for the good news: Myers says original series Jay Roach is in to return for Austin Powers 4, while Myers continues to polish the script.

Keep an eye peeled for a more official confirmation of Austin Powers 4 in the future, but with ‘90s nostalgia running high, we have to assume that most studios would jump at the chance to cash in on a new Austin Powers film after a 16-year wait.