100 of the Best B-Movie Posters from The Art of the B-Movie Poster!

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100 of the Best B-Movie Posters from <i>The Art of the B-Movie Poster!</i>

Recently, I was lucky enough to receive a new book from Gingko Press at the Paste office that was right up my alley: The Art of the B-Movie Poster! The second I saw the wicked cover art, from 1975 Italian-Spanish giallo film Eyeball, I knew that I was going to enjoy myself. But I figured, why keep all the craziness to myself?

Digging through the pages of The Art of the B-Movie Poster!, I grabbed 100 of my favorite examples. This is just a small slice of more than 1,000 posters in the full tome, so by all means, go check out the book at the above link.

The posters I’ve chosen come from an extremely eclectic variety of film genres. There are old-style adventure serials, gothic horror films, ’50s sci-fi adventures, gritty blaxploitation stories and gory Italian slashers. There are soft-core “nudie cuties,” moral panic drug PSAs and films that defy any kind of classification. It should go without saying that some of these posters are on the NSFW side. Browse at your own risk, people! These movies were countercultural for a reason.