Watch the High-Octane First Trailer for Edgar Wright's Baby Driver

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Finally, after four years since his last film The World’s End (and an unfortunate disagreement over Ant-Man), Edgar Wright is back with the new trailer for Baby Driver. It premiered at SXSW over the weekend, to rave reviews—this isn’t surprising, and the trailer looks like classic Wright, with his usual visual flair and editing genius. If only we didn’t have to wait so long for Baby Driver’s theatrical release in August.

Baby Driver follows Baby (Ansel Elgort), a young getaway driver with a constant diegetic soundtrack and a rough past who’s ready to get out of the biz. He wants to run out west with his new girlfriend (Lily James), but has to complete one last job. Elgort and James are joined by Jamie Foxx, Jon Hamm, Kevin Spacey, Jon Bernthal and a surprise appearance from Flea, of all people. The trailer features some fancy driving and car stunts, and a pretty great gag over the confusing difference between a Michael Myers mask and a Michael Myers mask.

Baby Driver drifts into theaters on Aug. 11. Check out the first trailer above and the international trailer below for a different tone and some alternate footage. The international trailer also heavily embraces the film’s Atlanta setting, which is pretty cool for us here at Paste’s Decatur, Ga., office. Feels nice for the ATL to get some love.

Update: A previous version of this story erroneously listed Lily Tomlin among Baby Driver’s cast—as Edgar Wright himself was kind enough to point out, the actress is in fact Lily James.