The New Lego Batman Movie Trailer Is The Hero Batman Fans Need Right Now

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After the brutal critical debacle that is Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, we (and the world) are sorely in need of something to reclaim the Caped Crusader’s former cinematic glory. From the looks of it, though, we only have to wait one year—not for the eventual Justice League film, but for Lego Batman, which looks incredible from the above teaser trailer.

Will Arnett’s portrayal of Batman in 2014’s The Lego Movie took the character to the comedic extremes of his previous on-screen portrayals; Batman’s self-seriousness, when combined with his legitimately weird quirks, made him a highlight of that outstanding film. He’s right back at it in the upcoming spinoff, dropping dope beats, kicking bad Legos’ asses, and dealing with the frustration of hitting the wrong time on a microwave.

The Lego Batman Movie, currently slated for a Feb. 10 release next year, will star Ralph Fiennes as Alfred, Rosario Dawson as Batgirl, Zack Galifianakis as The Joker, and Michael Cera as Robin. (It looks like Wyldstyle’s breakup with Batman was permanent.)