Bill Murray Gets Stranded in Afghanistan, Rocks Out to Deep Purple in Rock the Kasbah Trailer

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Everybody handles aging, and the fact that their glory days are behind them, differently. How does Bill Murray cope with his own mortality as washed-up tour manager Richie Lanz in his new movie, Rock the Kasbah? The same way anyone would: by dragging his only remaining client to Afghanistan.

But she has different plans. None too keen on the idea of playing “in front of 2,000 horny soldiers,” Lanz’s client (Zooey Deschanel) abandons him in the middle of the night, snagging his wallet, his money and his passport in the process. Lanz needs to find a Plan B stat, otherwise he’s “royally screwed.”

And suddenly, that Plan B appears, in the form of a brilliant young singer (Leem Lubany) with big pipes and bigger dreams. She wants to sing. He wants to manage. The two are united in their quest for stardom, as Lanz tries to get his client to Kabul to compete on the singing show, Afghan Star.

From the looks of the trailer, Rock the Kasbah is already shaping up to be a film with focus, heart and huge laughs. Murray looks right at home in his fish-out-of-water act, scoring big with his gut-busting a cappella rendition of “Smoke on the Water.” Throw in a star-studded supporting cast including Bruce Willis, Kate Hudson and Danny McBride, and this one should sizzle (fun fact: Deschanel and Hudson also co-starred in Cameron Crowe’s rock n’ roll dramedy, Almost Famous).

Rock the Kasbah hits theaters Oct. 23.