Watch an Adorable Parody of the Boyhood Trailer Featuring Kittens

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If you thought Boyhood’s premise was magical already — Richard Linklater following one boy for 12 years, from the neoteny of childhood to the throes of adolescence — wait until you’ve seen it with kittens.

That’s right, the fine folks over at The Pet Collective documented 12 weeks in the life of a young kitten and assembled the scenes together to constitute the lovely trailer you see above. Titled Cathood and directed by “Richard Linklitter,” the trailer splices adorable feline footage together with a soothing indie rock soundtrack, forming an adorable parody of Linklater’s critical darling.

The Pet Collective is no stranger to charming, pet-centric parodies of Hollywood films. We’ve previously seen The Purrrge and an Independence Day adaptation starring a bevy of pug puppies, but the might be its crowning achievement so far. Two paws up, would recommend.