David Ayer's Weird Fantasy Cop Movie Bright Still Looks Weird in This New Trailer

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David Ayer’s next “edgy” film that showcases his obsession with gangsters and urban crime is Bright, which merges the contemporary cop genre with high fantasy. Ayer’s Suicide Squad star Will Smith plays a cop partnered with the first Orc cop, portrayed in heavy makeup by Joel Edgerton. A routine patrol leads to the pair finding an ancient wand with destructive powers—shooting and hijinx ensue as a result.

The aesthetic for the movie, as seen above, appears to be quite gritty and grounded, like most of Ayer’s previous films (End of Watch, Sabotage), but it adds some color for the fantastical elements to pop out and add some contrast, a la Suicide Squad. Meanwhile, Noomi Rapace looks to be a worthy villainous force to Smith and Edgerton. “Are you a cop first, or an Orc first?” Smith asks Edgerton, promising a moral dilemma for the characters, although we don’t expect the film to be too deep, as Smith utters the phrase “titty bar gunfight” shortly thereafter.

Bright will stream on Netflix on Dec. 22. Revisit its previous trailers here and here.