New Dax Shepard, Michael Peña Comedy CHiPS Gets a Trailer

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Warner Bros. released the first trailer last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live! for their new comedy CHiPS, starring Dax Shepard and Michael Peña as partners in the California Highway Patrol as they do a shakedown of their department for crooked cops. The film also stars Maya Rudolph, Vincent D’Onofrio and Kristen Bell, who is also married to Shepard in real life. Shepard also serves as writer and director of this, the latest ‘80s TV series to be made into a big, silly movie.

The plot finds Frank “Ponch” Poncherello (Peña) going undercover as a highway patrolman to be partnered with Jon Baker (Shepard), an ex-pro-biker turned rookie-cop who is desperately trying to salvage his marriage. Together, they are tasked to find and bring to justice some crooked cops in the CHP department. Judging from the trailer, this will all be accomplished through a series of explosions, bromance misunderstandings and dick jokes. What fun! It’s also notable that this particular comedy will join a recent barrage of older, slightly (and really, only slightly) more conservative television comedies being remade with a modern panache, such as Baywatch and the 21 Jump Street series.

Check out the trailer above, or follow this link to catch a slightly longer video with an opening bit from Shepard and Peña as they crashed the party at Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night. CHiPS hits theaters on March 24.