Hannibal's Bryan Fuller to Write/Direct New Adaptation of Stephen King's Christine

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<i>Hannibal</i>'s Bryan Fuller to Write/Direct New Adaptation of Stephen King's <i>Christine</i>

Stephen King’s classic novel about a possessed automobile is getting a shiny new remodel. As reported by Deadline, an updated adaptation of Christine from Sony Pictures and Blumhouse is in the works with writer/director Bryan Fuller at the wheel.

John Carpenter took a swing at King’s novel back in 1983 with his film starring Keith Gordon as protagonist Arnie Cunningham. Arnie is an unpopular nerd who develops a strange relationship with his brand new 1958 Plymouth Fury, who he names Christine. But when Christine is defaced by a local bully, the car develops a bloodthirsty mind of its own.

Working alongside producers Vincenzo Natali and Steven Hoban (who’ve both worked on horror films like In the Tall Grass and Splice), Fuller seems like a perfect fit for the writer/director’s chair in the updated take on this story, as he boasts an impressive oeuvre within the horror and sci-fi genres. He’s run ambitious series like Pushing Daisies, Hannibal and American Gods, notwithstanding his early writing and/or producing credits for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager and Heroes. He also analyzed Carpenter’s film and King’s story in a long, fascinating episode of the Kingcast podcast.

Because of Fuller’s reputation for singular, creative visions, it will be exciting to see where King’s writing is taken this time around.

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