The First Glimpse of Christopher Nolan's Mysterious Dunkirk is Here

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Above is the first official look at Dunkirk, the new film directed by Christopher Nolan, the man responsible for The Dark Knight trilogy as well as mind altering films Inception and Interstellar.

Breaking from his past works, Dunkirk’s story is more firmly planted in reality. The movie will tell the story of Operation Dynamo, an Allied rescue mission that recovered 330,000 troops from Nazi hands in the early stages of WWII.

The clip is only a minute or so long and offers no other conclusions about the plot or characters other than war is hell.

Nolan has recruited from regular collaborators, including Tom Hardy and Cillian Murphy as well as One Direction member Harry Styles. He also apparently blew $5 million of the film’s budget on a vintage WWII aircraft to crash it on camera.

Watch the clip above or catch it during the previews before Suicide Squad this weekend. On second thought, maybe don’t catch it before Suicide Squad.

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