Here's What It Would Look Like If David Lynch Directed La La Land

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By now, nearly everyone has heard of La La Land, Damien Chazelle’s popular feel-good musical predicted to win big at the Oscars. Despite its popularity and critical acclaim, La La Land has also been criticized for its glaring flaws, such as its white jazz savior complex, displaced nostalgia and, let’s face it, largely unmemorable songs. Still, there are parts of the film that could be salvaged, if given the right artistic direction.

Enter the team at CineFix and the cinematic genius of David Lynch (Twin Peaks, Blue Velvet). When you think about it, many of La La Land’s key elements fit nicely into the Lynchian universe: Oily colors, dream sequences and old-school theatrical presentation are all appropriate. Watch the imagined trailer for Lynch’s La La Land above, and see the lukewarm musical turned into a creepy, warped, beautiful nightmare. Is it too soon for a remake?

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