Watch David Lynch Wax Poetic on the Magic of Cinema in This Short Film

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There are few directors, and certainly few who have ever made it through the Hollywood system, with more respect and passion for the medium of film than David Lynch. The esteemed director of everything from Blue Velvet and Mulholland Drive to Twin Peaks is one of the living embodiments of auteur theory, the belief that great directorial minds leave indelible traces and themes upon their work. In turn, he understands the effect that great cinema can have on a person better than any of us.

A new Italian short film from Giorgi Getiashili hit the web the other day, featuring Lynch as he waxes poetic on a number of film-related topics. It’s a short snippet, but a beautiful and brief glance inside the mind of a genius. For instance, on the topic of sitting in an audience, Lynch has the following to say:

“If the picture is giant, and the sound is beautiful, and the people are quiet, and they get into this world … it’s very, very delicate, how you get into this world. It can be broken with a wrong sound, it can be broken with a stupid little screen, it can be broken with people making noises in the theater. It’s so delicate, but if you get into that world, it can be like a waking dream. You’re not only an observer, but you can get caught up in that world.”

Enjoy the rest of Lynch’s monologue above.