Michael Shannon is Now the Frontrunner to Play Cable in Deadpool 2

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Michael Shannon is Now the Frontrunner to Play Cable in <i>Deadpool 2</i>

We can’t believe that headline, either. Greatest living actor Michael Shannon is currently Fox’s favorite to suit up as the deadly Cable in the sequel to last year’s Deadpool.

According to THR, no final deal has been made, though Shannon currently tops the studio’s shortlist of prospective actors for the role. Variety reports that he’s been the top choice for the last week, though Fox has yet to provide comment on the topic. The actor does have some somewhat recent comic book film experience, as he played General Zod in 2013’s Man of Steel, but even he admits Zack Snyder’s movies suck, so let’s all just pretend that didn’t happen.

In the comics, Cable’s real name is actually Nathan Christopher Charles Summers, as he’s the son of the X-Men’s Cyclops. Unfortunately for baby Nathan and his laser-eyed dad, the infant mutant was sent to a future timeline where he was raised to be soldier before being sent back to the main X-Men timeline as the much older, gun-toting Cable.

Two weeks ago, Atlanta’s Zazie Beetz was announced to be playing Deadpool 2’s mercenary Domino by star Ryan Reynolds on Twitter. Before that, John Wick co-director David Leitch signed on to direct the film after original director Tim Miller dropped out due to creative differences with Reynolds. The first Deadpool was also Miller’s directing debut, as he’d championed the film’s unlikely-seeming production long before it was ever officially green-lit. Prior to today’s news, Stranger Things’ David Harbour was said to be a frontrunner to play Cable, though little mention has been made of him since.

Deadpool 2 received a recent teaser in the form of a theatrical short that preceded Logan, and you can watch that here, if you haven’t already. Be sure to stay tuned to Paste for any updates on Shannon’s casting as the mutant soldier.