Watch the Trailer for Disney's Live-Action Remake of Pete's Dragon

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What’s next in Disney’s seemingly endless lineup of live-action remakes? Pete’s Dragon, that’s what.

The whimsical musical film originally premiered in 1977 and is a mixture of animation and live action.

In the David Lower-directed remake, Oakes Fegley plays Pete, a 10-year-old living in the woods without a real home or family. What he does have is a giant, green dragon named Elliott. Elliott was the subject of tales that an old wood carver (Robert Redford) spun for local children. The wood carver’s daughter, Grace (Bryce Dallas Howard), is determined to find out where Pete belongs and the truth about the dragon. Grace gets help from the lumber mill owner Jack (Wes Bentley) and his daughter Natalie (Oona Laurence).

Pete’s Dragon hits theaters on Aug. 12. Watch Disney’s official trailer above.