A Pregnancy Turns Deadly in First Trailer for Hulu's False Positive

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A Pregnancy Turns Deadly in First Trailer for Hulu's <i>False Positive</i>

Bearing an unmistakable likeness to Rosemary’s Baby, the first trailer is here for a new baby-making horror movie starring Ilana Glazer, Justin Theroux and Pierce Brosnan. False Positive is set to hit Hulu on June 25.

The film centers on a couple, Lucy and Adrian (Glazer and Theroux, respectively), struggling to get pregnant, who are eventually guided to success by their doctor (Brosnan). All seems to be going well until Lucy witnesses something disarming on her sonogram, and things slowly descend into chaos.

Produced by A24, the film has already been said to be a contemporary take on Rosemary’s Baby, so the obvious connections to the classic Mia Farrow/John Cassavetes flick would appear to be intentional—Theroux’s character even bears the same name as Rosemary Woodhouse’s Antichrist child.

It will be interesting to see how director John Lee (who co-wrote the screenplay alongside Glazer) will put a new spin on this tale of the horrors of pregnancy.

Check out the trailer below: