Sitora's Malay Horror of Weretigers and Shamans Is Fangoria Studios' First Film

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<i>Sitora</i>'s Malay Horror of Weretigers and Shamans Is Fangoria Studios' First Film

After launching earlier this year, the production arm of essential horror magazine Fangoria has announced its first project. Fangoria Studios will kick off its genre filmmaking run with a Malay creature feature from first-time feature writer/director Diffan Sina Norman: Sitora, which takes its inspiration from 1964’s Sitora Harimau Jadian.

The film follows a shaman utilizing the threat of a weretiger in order to maintain his power over the community. A press release also notes that the film will touch on urban sprawl and have an emphasis on practical effects. Shooting in Malaysia and with prolific actor Wan Hanafi Su attached to play Sir (whom one has to imagine is this fearmongering shaman), Sitora looks to emphasize Fangoria Studios’ mission statement of “providing a platform for scary stories with deep roots in culture, folklore, legends and the macabre on the international stage.”

Southeast Asian horror has been having a bit of an international moment already, as Indonesian horror (like Impetigore) has been shocking genre fans and garnering increased awards and streaming attention from places like Shudder. As Fangoria’s got its bony fingers on the pulse of modern horror trends, a focus on burgeoning and/or untapped cultures producing exciting genre films could offer plenty of potential.

Tara Ansley, Armen Aghaeian, and Abhi Goel are set to produce.