First it was Olympus, and now London Has Fallen in Teaser Trailer

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In the age of reboots and sequels, does this really surprise anyone? Gerard Butler kicked North Korean butt in what was a Die Hard in the White House type of story. Now, Butler will be saving the day once again in London. Morgan Freeman and Aaron Eckhart will also be reprising their roles from the first film.

Perhaps a good tagline for this film would be “Tea time is over” or maybe “London Bridge isn’t the only thing falling down.” Why London is falling is clearly because of one reason: James Bond must be dead. Bond is dead and all those villains can now attack London, but never fear because Gerard Butler, ace American hero, can now save the day again.

What’ll be interesting to see is if this now opens the door for endless sequels, each in a free-world country: Vesuvius Has Fallen (Italy), City of Lights Has Fallen (Paris), Canada Has Fallen, Eh. And let’s not forget a Channing Tatum/Jamie Foxx London sequel to coincide with this film’s release: Buckingham Palace Down.

London Has Fallen will be released Jan. 22, 2016.