Grierson & Leitch: Tully and Our Summer Movie Preview

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Grierson & Leitch: <i>Tully</i> and Our Summer Movie Preview

We know you’re all still in a post-Infinity War coma—that movie makes you need a nap—but the movie world slows down for no one. So this week, we look at the newest Jason Reitman/Diablo Cody joint, Tully, about Charlize Theron as an exhausted mom.

We haven’t forgotten the blockbusters, though: Now that Marvel has kicked off the season, we give you our Summer Movie Preview by showcasing the blockbuster we’re most looking forward to, the indie movie we’re most looking forward to and the crazy could-be-great-or-could-be-a-disaster movie of the season.

We finish with a Reboot, looking at 1998’s American History X, which somehow garnered Edward Norton an Oscar nomination.

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