Watch the Trailer for Doc I Am Heath Ledger, Lament What Could Have Been

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Death always hurts. It always leaves us that are left behind broken and shellshocked, wondering what could’ve been and what comes next. Public figure death is unfortunately something we all had to get used to in 2016 (step aside, 2017, you won’t have us this year), and what lends this experience a different kind of poignancy is imagining the art that could’ve been. Well, the trailer for Spike’s new documentary, I Am Heath Ledger, will make you face those very emotions.

Heath Ledger, as most know, was an incredibly gifted actor that died of an accidental overdose in January 2008. This documentary will talk of his untimely passing, his already fruitful career and what he had hoped to do in his future. Featuring interviews from people who knew him, like Naomi Watts, Ben Mendelsohn, Ang Lee, Ben Harper, Christina Cache, and other friends and family, this film will offer an intensely intimate look at Ledger’s life and career. It will also include never-before-seen videos shot by Ledger, aided by the sad reflection of his childhood friend Trevor DiCarlo: “He was always a director, acting was just a way to get there.” With the restraint and control he showed on camera, it’s hard to not imagine what Ledger’s talent would’ve been like behind the camera.

I Am Heath Ledger is headed to the Tribeca Film Festival on April 23 before a limited theatrical run on May 3. Spike will then air the documentary on May 17, followed by a digital and physical release on May 23. Check out the trailer embedded above, and find out more about the film here.