These Honest Movie Credits Show the Wage Disparity in Hollywood

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Everyone knows that there’s a general disparity in wages amongst those who work in Hollywood, generally being that many of the “under the line” types don’t make anywhere close to what movie stars make. This information should surprise no one, and it’s something that the general public is relatively familiar with. But it’s rare to be faced with the cold, hard numbers, which is what Vanity Fair provided in the above “Honest Movie Credits” video.

Based on a fictitious film with a budget of $200 million, the credits are a pretty sobering visual representation of what everyone would make on a film of this size, which is literally the budget for most of today’s large franchise blockbuster films, so it’s a pretty realistic situation. Between the lead actor making $12 million and a production assistant making $14,000, it’s a pretty large gap that Hollywood’s worked itself into.

Check out the video above.