Host Director Rob Savage Returns in First Trailer for Screenlife Horror Film Dashcam

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<i>Host</i> Director Rob Savage Returns in First Trailer for Screenlife Horror Film <i>Dashcam</i>

After successfully tapping into the pandemic-borne rise of Zoom in the short and sweet 2020 horror film Host, which is still streaming on Shudder, director Rob Savage has returned with another twist on the archetype of found footage. Dashcam is pretty much exactly what it sounds like, albeit perhaps not bound to the car quite as much as one might expect. It is, however, another horror film, and the just-released first trailer makes it clear that its intent is to be a particularly bonkers one. As the synopsis reads:

At the start of the pandemic, an indulgent and self-deluded livestreaming improv musician abandons L.A. for London, steals her ex-band mate’s car, and makes the wrong decision to give a ride to an elderly woman who is not what she seems.

An indulgent and self-deluded livestreamer, as the protagonist of a found footage horror movie? Why does that sound so familiar? Well, it certainly seems like it has some echoes of Eugene Kotlyarenko’s Spree, which starred Stranger Things’ Joe Keery as another would-be star stuck toiling as a rideshare driver, who begins to kill his guests. Where Spree was a bitter and biting satire or critique of screenlife culture, however, we get the sense that Dashcam is rather more darkly humorous and aloof. The goal here seems like it’s to capture as much pure chaos on the screen as possible, while raising the level of complexity involved in the shoot significantly from the clever DIY ethos of Host.

We’ll have a chance to see for ourselves soon enough, as Dashcam is coming pretty soon, scheduled to hit theaters and VOD on June 3, 2022. Also note: There’s actually a second film also titled Dashcam coming out in 2022, but this is an unrelated psychological thriller. You can watch the first trailer for Savage’s Dashcam below.