Tucker & Dale's Eli Craig Directing Horror Comedy The Hills Have Eyes for You for Netflix

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<i>Tucker & Dale</i>'s Eli Craig Directing Horror Comedy <i>The Hills Have Eyes for You</i> for Netflix

You can earn a lot of credit in the horror community with a pitch-perfect horror meta-movie, which adequately sums up how a lot of horror geeks feel about Eli Craig’s Tucker & Dale vs. Evil. Combine that with the writer of one of the best slasher parodies ever made, Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon and you potentially have another classic horror comedy on the way.

That’s exactly what we’re getting—a film described as a “rom-horror-com” entitled The Hills Have Eyes For You, in a rather labored reference to Wes Craven’s 1977 exploitation film The Hills Have Eyes. The new Netflix film will be written by David Stieve, the co-writer of 2006’s Behind the Mask, and directed by Craig. It would be Craig’s second Netflix feature, after 2017’s somewhat sedate Little Evil. Let’s hope this entry puts Craig back on the right track.

Producer Dan Farah called The Hills Have Eyes For You “a fresh and fun love story set against the backdrop of an elevated horror comedy,” while Craig said “This is a unique underdog love story with genre-bending scares and a lot of laughs.”

Craig seems headed into something of a prolific period since the release of Little Evil, as he’s current producing on a Blumhouse film called Corporate Retreat, and was last year reported to be working on directing a wedding disaster horror movie called Bride and Doom, apparently based loosely on his own wedding. Is there time in there for The Hills Have Eyes For You as well? Here’s hoping we hear more details sooner rather than later.