The Bob's Burgers Movie Will Officially Hit Hulu and HBO Max on July 12

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<i>The Bob's Burgers Movie</i> Will Officially Hit Hulu and HBO Max on July 12

One of the year’s finest and funniest animated features is making its streaming debut quite soon, as Hulu announced today that The Bob’s Burgers Movie will be joining the rest of the beloved series on the streaming service on July 12, 2022. Additionally, the film will also stream simultaneously on HBO Max. It’s a quick turnaround for the film, which hit theaters in the U.S. only a few weeks ago, on May 27, 2022.

The Bob’s Burgers Movie faced fairly stiff competition at theaters against Top Gun Maverick in particular, and as a significantly more cult show than the likes of The Simpsons, it was never likely to gross $100 million. It has grossed $32 million in theaters to date, beating some of its modest projections for a total that is still likely mildly disappointing for creators who may have been expecting more of a cross-appeal hit. The film reviewed quite well, though, and it very much captures the heart of the series, while vastly expanding the detail of the animation and character models. Also: It’s packed with ridiculously catchy songs, the opening number of which you can view at the bottom of this article.

The show’s creator (and the film’s writer-director) Loren Bouchard, said the following: “We’re so happy that the fans have been able to find us and watch us and binge us as much as they want on Hulu. Our fantasy is that we have to send over a new copy of the Bob’s movie to Hulu because their copy gets all worn out from people watching it so much.”

Somehow, we have a feeling that many loyal Bob-ists who didn’t catch the film during its initial theatrical run will indeed be wearing it out on repeat viewings very soon. In the meantime, check out the tune “Sunny Side Up Summer” below.