New Incredibles 2 Trailer Reveals the Film's Villain, "The Screenslaver"

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New <i>Incredibles 2</i> Trailer Reveals the Film's Villain, "The Screenslaver"

A new full-length trailer for Disney-Pixar’s hotly awaited The Incredibles 2 has hit the web, and it’s finally revealed something has been waiting for: The appearance and voice of what apparently is the film’s true villain, “The Screenslaver.” Presumably some kind of not-so-wry commentary on our societal fixation on screens, phones and personal entertainment devices, how much do you want to bet he has a plan that involves brainwashing people through their electronic devices, Kingsmen-style? Curiously, no one has been announced as actually playing The Screenslaver yet, making us wonder why this secret is necessary—it’s not public knowledge on IMDB yet, even. But that voice does sound a bit like Benedict Cumberbatch, does it not?

The trailer also expands more deeply on the film’s family dynamic, which sees Helen Parr (Holly Hunter) exploring a return to superhero work while Bob Parr, aka Mr. Incredible (Craig T. Nelson) is left alone with the kids. In particular, the rapidly manifesting suite of powers possessed by youngest song Jack-Jack look like they will be a handful, but Bob will also be contending with an angry, puberty-ridden Violet, who looks like she’s channeling Harry Potter’s worst self from Order of the Phoenix in this movie. Bob will no doubt need to overcome his emasculation and new role as a family caregiver if he wants to succeed.

There’s plenty of whiz-bang action in the rest of the trailer, so go ahead and check it out below.