Invisible Demons Trailer Showcases Indian Pollution Crisis

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<I>Invisible Demons</i> Trailer Showcases Indian Pollution Crisis

Climate change affects us all, though some parts of the world have had the luxury of anxiety more than others. Documentarian Rahul Jain takes a look at the developing economy of India through this lens, lending sharp visuals and on-the-ground coverage to Invisible Demons, which played at Cannes 2021. The follow-up to Jain’s 2016 doc Machines, which observes daily life in a textile factory, this film similarly looks to question the inner workings and effects of capitalism.

Now Invisible Demons, set in Delhi, is getting a home release through MUBI after a theatrical run, and its trailer offers a glimpse at the stunning images and provocative argument on offer.

Take a look:

A film that directly addresses what “progress” means when it comes to industrial nations and economies, shots of garbage, of booming business, of pollution-breathing workers, gives Invisible Demons a sharpness that adds bite to its otherwise breathtaking imagery. Air, water—the lifeblood of the world is under attack, and rarely is that so visually obvious than in a place as jam-packed with people as Delhi.

Invisible Demons is now streaming on MUBI.