Watch IT Star Bill Skarsgård Show Off His Chilling Pennywise Smile on Conan

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Andy Muschietti’s IT is breaking box-office records all over the place, and that’s due in large part to Bill Skarsgård’s chilling performance as Pennywise. The talented actor, who had only just been born when the original 1990 IT miniseries was released, took to Conan last night to discuss his pivotal role in the new horror hit.

“You have easily the most evil demonic smile I think I’ve seen in all of horror, and I’ve worked with Andy Richter for a long time,” Conan quips, prompting Skarsgård to explain the genesis of the expression, which he learned from his brother Gustaf. Skarsgård comes from an incredible acting family: Most notably, his father Stellan has starred in everything from The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo to numerous entries in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and his brother Alexander has starred in HBO’s True Blood and Big Little Lies, The Legend of Tarzan and more. All that hereditary talent certainly shines through in Bill Skarsgård’s supremely creepy IT performance.

Watch Skarsgard’s appearance on Conan above and below, see his IT smile in action further down, and check out our in-depth examination of what made the film such a big success here.