Even It's 10-Second Trailer Teases Will Freak You Out

The film's full trailer is coming this Thursday

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Nowadays, it’s arguable that our collective enjoyment of anticipation supersedes our enjoyment of entertainment itself, an imbalance easily observable in the hype cycles preceding new releases. We live in a world of the trailer tease, an excessive marketing tool that typically inspires little more than mockery. But with the right release, even a trailer for a trailer is worth getting excited about, and Andrés Muschietti’s forthcoming take on Stephen King’s It fits that bill.

Today’s It trailer tease reveals that the film’s full-length trailer will terrorize the internet this Thursday, July 27. The clip itself presents a scene from It’s first teaser, in which the Losers Club serve as the audience for the world’s least boring slideshow. It also includes a relative rarity as far as this film’s promotion has been concerned: a clear, if quick, shot of Bill Skarsgård’s utterly unnerving Pennywise the clown.

It doesn’t come out until Sept. 8, unfortunately. Watch the trailer tease above, revisit the film’s bloodcurdling teaser here and stay tuned to Paste when the full trailer drops this Thursday.

Update, 7/26: Warner Bros. shared another brief, freaky trailer tease today. Watch below.