Watch the Terrifying First Teaser Trailer for Stephen King’s It

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Welcome back to Derry, Maine, folks. Warner Bros. dropped the first teaser trailer for Andrés Muschietti’s (Mama) adaptation of Stephen King’s It today, confirming once again that clowns have never been funny and will only ever be terrifying.

Set in the ‘80s instead of the ‘60s, this version of It is based on the first half of King’s 1986 novel. At one point titled It: Part One – The Losers Club, the story follows the titular club of childhood friends as they’re terrorized by the clown-shaped demon Pennywise. The second half of the 1000+ page novel (and its Tim Curry-starring, 1990 TV mini-series adaptation) follows the Losers Club as adults who return to Derry for a final showdown with their evil tormentor, though it’s a bit unclear when Warner Bros. plans to produce their sequel.

The modern incarnation of Pennywise is played by Bill Skarsgård, and Stranger Things fans might recognize Finn Wolfhard among the bike-riding band of kids. True Detective and Beasts of No Nation’s Cary Fukunaga was previously lined up to helm the horror film, but he parted ways with the studio after they met with substantial creative differences.

Go ahead and check out the trailer above if you haven’t already. Andrés Muschietti’s It hits theaters on Sept. 8.