Jared Leto in Talks to Portray Serial Killer in The Little Things

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Jared Leto in Talks to Portray Serial Killer in <i>The Little Things</i>

If the planets and the stars and all other cosmic forces align, it looks like Jared Leto will join Denzel Washington and Rami Malek in the forthcoming crime thriller The Little Things, Variety reports.

Here’s the skinny: Leto is in early talks to take on the role of the Warner Bros. film’s central serial killer, whom Washington’s jaded deputy sheriff and Malek’s sharp detective are trying to capture.

Though his casting is not yet confirmed, the timing seems right: The actor now has a little time on his hands after wrapping production on Marvel’s Morbius feature in June. Leto is already on the studio’s books, anyway—lest we forget his turn as the Joker in the studio’s 2016 supervillain ensemble Suicide Squad and his supporting role in 2017’s dBlade Runner 2049.

The Blind Side , The Founder and The Highwaymen director John Lee Hancock will write and direct The Little Things.

Stay tuned for any further updates on the project.