Watch Oddball Pairing of Jason Statham and Melissa McCarthy in Paul Feig's Spy Trailer

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In what would seem to be an attempt to combine the weirdest duo with the lamest, most generic title imaginable, a trailer has dropped for Paul Feig’s upcoming action-comedy Spy, starring prolific ass-kicker Jason Statham and comedian Melissa McCarthy. The film, which releases June 5, stars McCarthy as a CIA analyst/desk jockey who is pressganged into service as an actual, weapon-carrying spy alongside Statham and Jude Law.

The trailer, we must say, is a bit of a mess, from the frumpy outfit given to McCarthy as a disguise to her getting confused and eating napkins at a posh restaurant. One would perhaps expect a bit more from Feig, given his history of empowering films with female leads, and especially with his upcoming Ghostbusters reboot (which stars McCarthy, among others) on the way. This trailer—it’s not the most promising bit of material to assuage concerns about Ghostbusters, which no doubt has an infinitely larger audience.

As has been said so many times before, we also feel a little bad for Jason Statham, an actor who almost never has a chance to play beyond the gruff, growling badass archetype. Still, we do get a chuckle out of the story he tells in the trailer of the heroics he’s accomplished while fully engulfed in flames. Spy arrives in theaters on June 5.