New John Wick 2 TV Spot Released

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You favorite hitman with a shady past is back in the latest John Wick 2 TV spot, and it’s more hyped and over-the-top than ever. After a quick series of gun loading click-click-clicks, Wick affirms that when it comes to retirement, he’s still “working on it.” Screen text brags, “This Valentine’s day weekend, everyone is falling for Wick.” Then, there’s a brief sequence of sexy Rome scenes, followed by the sound of shells hitting the ground and the subsequent bodies. Wick says “Yeah” in a tone that suggests he knows he’s our Valentine’s Day date, and we’re welcome. A car chase, an inevitable crash and a joke about a broken windshield, and it’s over. Is this our ideal Valentine’s day date movie? We don’t know about that, but we do have the sudden urge to jump through a window into a helicopter after robbing the Vatican while wearing an Armani suit and drinking a sweet cocktail of revenge.

John Wick 2 hits theaters Feb. 10, and you can watch the previous trailer here.